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Mason County Spiritual Connections helps seekers of truth find their way. We do this by making available spiritual, inspirational, and metaphysical resources to all who ask. These resources take the form of books, audio and video media, discussion groups, monthly spiritual cinema, and referral to other established groups.

Our members and participants are like-minded people who enjoy a broad range of spiritual discussions, not bound by any one religious concept. These include metaphysics, ancient wisdom traditions, quantum physics, and New Age concepts. Our discussions also include, but aren’t limited to, the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam as well as the numerous versions of Jesus’ teachings.

We are open to anyone's belief system, practice acceptance and non-judgment, and are not associated with any organized religion. All spiritual explorers are welcome. We schedule regular social gatherings which offer opportunities for open discussion and mutual support for everyone's spiritual path. In addition, we asked the members of our group for their favorite book titles so we could gather the books and provide a lending library for anyone interested in reading this material.

Mason County Spiritual Connections started in 2004, with each person in the founding group having a particular interest. As a group, we found that we could support each other in reaching the individual goals of those interest paths. One of the founders wanted to create a spiritual discussion group at the Washington Corrections Center, just outside Shelton. Another wanted to show films from the spiritual cinema genre in this area. A third wanted to form a chapter of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences). Each member has supported the others in these ventures. We support the spiritual evolution of Mason County and surrounding area by shining our light in these diverse ways. We support people as they follow their bliss.

Check out our Connections pages to see a list of our current resources.


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